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Providing Water Filters and Devices in Northridge California



We are experts in Medical, Research, Commercial and Residential Water


APS Water is a prime supplier of filtration products worldwide.

We started in 1991 in Los Angeles California and provide high quality liquid filtration products for science, industry and residential clients around the globe.

We specialize in the filtration of water and are experts in most applications from pharmaceutical water to drinking water filtration and everything in between.  


Laboratory Water Purification 
  • Lab and Research Water Systems
  • Millipore and Barnstead Experts
  • Replacement Filters
  • Ultrapure and Medical Water
  • Lab Water Distillers
  • Low Cost Solutions
  • Free Tech Service 

Laboratory Filtration 

  • Syringe Filters
  • Extraction Thimbles
  • Membranes Filters 

Other Laboratory Products

  • Laboratory Fume Hoods and Enclosures
  • Freeze Dry Equipment
  • Glassware Washers
  • and much more... 

Custom Filter Manufacturing

  • Private Labeling
  • We Manufacture For Major Companies
  • cGMP and ISO9002 Facilities
  • Plastic Molding and Welding Specialist
  • Prime Military Contractor
Commercial Water Purification
  • Deionization Systems
  • Activated Carbon Systems
  • Water Softener Systems
  • Distilled Water
  • Particulate Removal
  • Restaurant Filters
  • Water Monitoring Equipment 

Water Testing Products 

  • Residential Water Testing
  • Commercial and Laboratory Testing
  • Monitoring Equipment 

Residential Water Filtration

  • Well Water Specialists
  • Free Tech Help
  • Water Softeners
  • Carbon Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Distilled Water Systems
  • Improve Taste and Smell
Providing Water Filters and Devices in Northridge California

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